BY WMS Library Release Notes

BY WMS Library Release Notes

BY WMS Library Release v 3.3 / 2024-03-20

Here’s what’s new in Version 3.3 of the BY WMS Library
Cycle Version Dependency: 2.15 or newer
Email for access to the BY WMS Library download

Performance Architecture

Accelerate your implementation of a performance test with a base framework that can be easily expanded upon. This framework includes logic for locking values for each of the processes to prevent work overlap across different devices and several base .msql scripts for looking for and assigning work relevant to the given process. 

Base tests and test data generation feature files have been created for: 

  • ASN Receiving

  • Non-ASN Receiving

  • Putaway

  • Pallet Picking

  • List Picking

  • Carton Picking

  • Trailer Loading

  • Closing and Dispatching a Trailer

Developer Logging Utilities 

Need a focused view of what is happening during your test case to help save time and pinpoint issues? New developer logging utilities allow developers to write customized messages to a .log file.  By assigning a “log_line” string and executing the 'Log to Developer Logging File' scenario, these new utilities can help identify common places in the code where things may go awry. Default developer logging has been added for some common bottlenecks, including: 

  • Returning MOCA statuses and error messages

  • Iterating through input variables 

  • Executing Dynamic Data assignments

  • Creating and sending JSON/XML files

  • Starting and stopping a test

  • Initial attempt to log out of the terminal and confirmation when the terminal is fully logged out

XML Template File Updates

This change allows XML template files to contain numbers and dashes and removes the requirement that an XML template file must contain the test case within its name.  This allows a single XML template file to be used across multiple test cases.

Test Case Input File Organization 

Base utility updates have been implemented to allow the Test Case Input file to be nested in a sub-directory of "Test Case Inputs". Specifically, this fix allows the dynamic data logic to be able to find nested test case input files appropriately. 

Note: this change only allows a set of subdirectories under “Test Case Inputs” that matches the subdirectories defined in the “directory_load_path” variable.

Locator File Updates

All locator files are now stored as CONF files instead of CSV files. The methodology for importing the locators now allows for layering as is specified in the “directory_load_path” variable.

Environment File Updates

The “directory_load_path” variable has been added as a default variable to be included in the Environment CSV. This will help to provide clarity on how to update the layering architecture per environment. 

Updated and New Test Specifications 

Test Specifications have been given a facelift. The updated design focuses on ensuring that relevant business requirements are easy to find in one location. This includes adding sections for valid test case variable assignments and ensuring data requirements are defined per test case step.

Updated Test Library User Guide, Upgrade Notes, and Release Notes 

Terminology updates have been made to the user guide, upgrade notes, and release notes to reflect usage of the term “Test Library” instead of the historical usage of “Bundle”. This aligns with the Cycle Labs standard terminology moving forward.

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