Collaborate on projects with your team

Collaborate on projects with your team

At Cycle Labs, we know that testing and deploying new solutions and changes to complex systems is a team effort. To that end, Cycle Cloud users can now share their projects with members of their team who are also Cycle Cloud users. Once added, collaborators can create, edit, and save test assets in a project.

Sharing a project with a collaborator is as easy as clicking “Add User” under the desired project in your project list, and entering their email address.

If the project collaborator is a Cycle Cloud user, they will automatically see the project in their project list when they log into Cycle Cloud. If you enter an email address for a collaborator who is not yet a Cycle Cloud user, an invite to sign up will be sent to them automatically.

Once they sign up, you can successfully add them as a collaborator to your project.

The list of collaborators on a project is viewable from the project list or from within a project.

Once you have a project open, you can also add and remove collaborators if you are the project creator.

Show your team what Cycle Cloud can do

Once you try out this new Cycle Cloud feature, we want your feedback! Head on over to the Cycle Community and tell us what you think - what you liked, what you didn’t, and how we can make your experience better. We are listening!

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