Cycle 2.14 - Release Notes Deep Dive

Cycle 2.14 - Release Notes Deep Dive

Cycle 2.14 - Release Notes Deep Dive

Complied by Robert Merritt

Auto-suggest Awesomeness Unleashed!  

Header: Auto-suggest Enhancement

Overview: We are excited to announce a new enhancement to our software's auto-suggest feature, designed to provide users with a more intuitive and efficient typing experience. This release introduces improved auto-suggest functionality, commonly known as autocomplete or type-ahead, which will be available in search boxes, text fields, and other input areas across various applications and websites.

Purpose: Fixing a Known Bug

Issue Summary: This release addresses a known bug related to the auto-suggest feature. The bug caused the suggestions to be solely based on full words, resulting in limitations for users when entering incomplete words.

Steps to Reproduce: To reproduce the issue, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to any text field or search box where auto-suggest is enabled.
  2. Start typing a word, but do not complete the entire word.
  3. Observe that the auto-suggest feature does not provide real-time suggestions based on the matching characters.
Resolution: To resolve the issue and enhance the auto-suggest feature, the following key features have been introduced in this release:

Character-based Matching: Auto-suggest now displays suggestions based on matching characters rather than relying solely on full words. This improvement allows users to receive real-time suggestions even if they haven't completed an entire word, making the typing process faster and more accurate.

Fuzzy Suggestions for Steps: With this update, we have incorporated fuzzy suggestions specifically for steps within auto-suggest. When users enter a sequence of steps, the system will intelligently offer relevant suggestions, even if the wording is slightly different. This feature streamlines the input process and helps users find the right steps more effectively.

Note on Word Order: Please be aware that the fuzzy suggestions for steps will not appear when the word order is different from the original sequence. The feature has been optimized to prioritize accuracy in suggestions, focusing on matching character patterns rather than reordering words.
We believe that these enhancements will greatly improve the overall user experience by providing more contextually relevant suggestions in real-time, resulting in increased productivity and reduced typing errors.

Database duet, PostgreSQL and Connect Steps sing in harmony!

Header: PostgreSQL Support for Connect Steps

Overview: We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our software, introducing native support for PostgreSQL, a robust and open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). PostgreSQL is known for its powerful key features, including Relational Database capabilities, ACID Compliance, Rich Data Types, Concurrency Control, Full Text Search, Triggers and Stored Procedures, JSON Support, Replication and High Availability, Foreign Data Wrappers, Security Mechanisms, and Procedural Languages.

Purpose: Introducing PostgreSQL Support for Connect Steps

Issue Summary: This release addresses the need for seamless integration and communication between different systems and databases. The update introduces native support for PostgreSQL in our Connect Steps feature, offering users enhanced data management, real-time synchronization, advanced data manipulation, and seamless JSON integration.

Steps to Reproduce: N/A - This release focuses on adding new features rather than addressing specific bugs.

Resolution: With this release, we have introduced the following key features for PostgreSQL Support in Connect Steps:
Enhanced Data Management: Users can leverage PostgreSQL's advanced features, such as ACID compliance and rich data types, to ensure secure and efficient data management within their workflows.

Real-time Synchronization: PostgreSQL's robust replication and high availability capabilities enable users to keep their data synchronized in real-time across multiple instances or servers, ensuring data consistency and reliability.

Seamless JSON Integration: PostgreSQL's built-in JSON support simplifies the handling and processing of JSON data in workflows, facilitating efficient data exchange between systems.

How to Get Started: To begin utilizing PostgreSQL with Connect Steps, simply update your Cycle software to the latest version, 2.14. Once updated, you can easily add PostgreSQL as a data source or destination in your Connect Steps configurations, opening up a world of possibilities for seamless data integration and management.

About PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL is a community-driven, open-source RDBMS widely recognized for its scalability, extensibility, and adherence to SQL standards. Its extensive set of features has made it a preferred choice for various applications and industries.

Headless horsepower, Chromedriver, and Edgedriver take the lead!

Header: Chromedriver, Edgedriver and IE driver Execution

Overview: We are delighted to announce the latest release of Chromedriver and Edgedriver, introducing a powerful new feature - remote execution. This update empowers you to execute the drivers in headless mode, significantly enhancing the efficiency and resource-friendliness of your web automation workflows.

Purpose: Introducing Remote Execution and "Web Step Changes" Methodology

Issue Summary: This release addresses the need for improved resource optimization and enhanced web application development. The new features introduced include remote execution of Chromedriver.exe and Edgedriver.exe in headless mode and the adoption of the "Web Step Changes" methodology for incremental and iterative updates.

Steps to Reproduce: N/A - This release introduces new features and methodologies rather than addressing specific bugs.

Resolution: With this release, we have introduced the following key features and methodologies:

Remote Execution: The new remote execution feature allows you to run Chromedriver.exe and Edgedriver.exe in headless mode, providing a significant advantage for users looking to integrate these drivers into Selenium Grid. By executing the drivers headlessly, you can reduce overhead and optimize resource utilization, resulting in smoother and faster web automation.

Reduced Risk: By deploying small changes at a time, we can identify and address issues more efficiently, minimizing the potential impact on your web application.

Enhanced Collaboration: Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping each increment, fostering a collaborative development process that aligns with your evolving needs.

Customer-driven Enhancements: Headless Execution: Our customers' insightful feedback served as a major factor in the decision to implement headless execution for Chromedriver.exe and Edgedriver.exe. We understand the importance of resource optimization in your automation workflows, especially when utilizing Selenium Grid for large-scale testing.

How to Enable Headless Mode: To run Chromedriver.exe and Edgedriver.exe in headless mode, simply refer to the updated documentation and follow the provided guidelines. The new feature will seamlessly integrate into your existing Selenium Grid configuration.

Say Goodbye to SQL Boredom; Enter the Variable Substitution Extravaganza!

Header: Native SQL Variable Substitution Step

Overview: We are thrilled to introduce a powerful enhancement to our software: the Native SQL Variable Substitution Step. This feature is a response to the growing demand for increased flexibility and support in SQL Server database interactions. With this step, you can seamlessly inject Cycle variables into SQL queries, enhancing dynamic data workflows and pre- and post-validation scripts.

Purpose: Introducing Native SQL Variable Substitution

Issue Summary: This release addresses the need for improved flexibility in database interactions. The Native SQL Variable Substitution Step allows users to replace specific values in SQL queries with variable placeholders, enhancing security, performance, and code maintainability.

Steps to Reproduce: N/A: This release introduces a new feature rather than addressing specific bugs.

Resolution: The Native SQL Variable Substitution Step, also known as Bind Variable or Parameterized Query, enables you to implement the following key features:
  1. Enhanced Security: By using parameterized queries, your application gains an extra layer of protection against SQL injection attacks, ensuring the security of your database interactions.
  2. Performance Optimization: With parameterized queries, the database engine can efficiently cache execution plans, resulting in improved query performance and reduced database load.
  3. Code Maintainability: Separating SQL queries from actual values enhances code maintainability, making it easier to modify and manage queries without altering the underlying code structure.
  4. Seamless Handling of Dynamic Data: The Native SQL Variable Substitution Step is specifically designed to address challenges faced when working with dynamic data and pre- and post-validation scripts in SQL files. Now, you can effortlessly inject Cycle variables into your SQL queries, making your database interactions more flexible and adaptable.
  5. XML Variable Replacement Step for Better Support: Inspired by the success of the XML variable replacement step in the Cycle app, we have developed the Native SQL Variable Substitution Step to provide a similar level of support for a wider range of database types. This addition marks a significant step forward in making Cycle App a more well-rounded application, catering to diverse database environments.
How to Use the Native SQL Variable Substitution Step: To leverage this powerful feature, simply add the Native SQL Variable Substitution Step to your workflows. The step seamlessly integrates with your SQL files, enabling you to effortlessly inject Cycle variables into your SQL queries effortlessly.

Bug Squashing Party is Cycle-CLI's pop-up jam session, and you’re invited!

Header: Cycle-CLI Authentication and Bug Fixes

Overview: We are excited to announce the latest release of Cycle-CLI, introducing powerful new features and addressing critical issues. This update focuses on enhancing security through CLI Authentication, improving user experience, and resolving known bugs.

Purpose: Introducing CLI Authentication and Bug Fixes

Issue Summary: This release aims to enhance the security and stability of Cycle-CLI. The following update introduces CLI Authentication to ensure secure access, fixes issues related to Windows system clock sync during authentication, updates CLI argument naming for consistency, and resolves various bugs reported in Cycle 2.14, resulting in a more stable and improved user experience.

Steps to Reproduce: N/A: This release introduces new features and bug fixes rather than addressing specific bugs.

Resolution includes the following key features and bug fixes:
  1. CLI Authentication: Secure Access to Cycle-CLI: We have implemented CLI Authentication to ensure that only authorized users or applications can access and perform actions within Cycle-CLI. This security enhancement provides peace of mind when using the command-line interface, safeguarding your data and interactions.
  2. Copy Token Menu Item: Convenient Token Handling: To streamline your workflow and simplify token management, we have introduced a Copy Token menu item. This new addition allows you to easily copy tokens for secure access and authentication when interacting with Cycle-CLI.
  3. CLI Argument Update - --userprofile to --user: As part of our efforts to align with user expectations, we have made an update to the CLI argument naming. The argument '--userprofile' has been changed to '--user,' providing a more intuitive and consistent experience.
  4. Bug Fixes: Stable and Improved Experience: Cycle 2.14 addresses several issues reported by our users, ensuring a more stable and improved user experience. 

Bug busters are on the loose, defending your digital realm!

Header: Bug Fixes and Enhanced Functionality

Overview: We are pleased to announce a new release that addresses a collection of minor software defects and introduces enhancements to improve your experience with our application. This update focuses on resolving low- and medium-priority bugs while introducing new features to enhance usability and flexibility.

Purpose: Bug Fixes and Enhanced Functionality

Issue Summary: This release aims to improve the overall user experience by addressing a collection of low- and medium-priority bugs and introducing enhancements to the application's functionality. The bug fixes include the modification of commit frequency for the data store, typo correction in Project Settings, and the addition of the ability to abort project loading. The enhancements provide users with greater control and customization options while using our software.

Steps to Reproduce: N/A: 

Resolution: This release includes the following bug fixes and enhanced functionality:
  1. Commit Frequency Modification: We have addressed an issue that previously prevented users from changing the commit frequency of the data store. With this update, you can now easily modify the commit frequency to suit your specific needs, providing better control and optimization of your data storage.
  2. Typo Correction in Project Settings: In Cycle 2.13, a minor typo was discovered in the Project Settings, where "Connetion" should be "Connection." We have rectified this typo to ensure clarity and accuracy in your settings.
  3. Abort Project Loading: In response to user feedback, we have introduced the ability to abort project loading. This feature empowers you to manage your projects more efficiently and allows for seamless switching between different tasks.
  4. Enhanced Functionality: In addition to bug fixes, we have enhanced the application's functionality to further improve your overall user experience. These enhancements are designed to provide you with greater control and customization options while working with our Cycle software.
  5. Cycle 2.14 Initial Loading Error: Some users experienced errors when first loading Cycle 2.14, resulting in project loading issues. This has been resolved to ensure a smooth startup process.
  6. Incorrect Version displayed in the help menu: The Help menu in Cycle 2.14 was showing version 2.13.1. We have fixed this inconsistency to accurately reflect the current version.
  7. Project Loading Time Improvement: An issue impacting project loading times in the application R2.14 has been addressed, leading to quicker and more efficient project loading.

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