Cycle Will Not Open After Adding Server Tuning Arguments

Cycle Will Not Open After Adding Server Tuning Arguments

The Server Tuning option found in Application Preferences gives you the ability to add command line arguments to be passed to Java when the Cycle Application opens.

These arguments are passed to Java when the Cycle Java process starts and can be very useful in affecting the behavior of Cycle.

Some uses of Server Tuning include:
  1. Setting JVM heap size to aid in memory management and garbage collection
  2. Passing an optional security file to override standard TLS 1 and TLS 1.1 security settings in Java to allow Cycle to connect to older, less secure databases
  3. Making Cycle proxy-aware if running the application behind a web proxy
Server tuning gives the benefit of added flexibility while initiating the Cycle Java process, however this option is an advanced user option and should be used with caution.

Any malformed or incorrect parameters saved in the Server Tuning field can result in the Java Cycle process from starting properly. This can very easily happen if any of the arguments are entered incorrectly.

Cycle may get stuck on the "Loading" screen as seen below if invalid Server Tuning arguments are saved in Application Preferences:

Getting stuck on the "Loading" screen happens when the Cycle Java process is unable to start due to incorrect arguments being passed in. 

This issue can be resolved by manually updating the Server Tuning arguments as described below:
      1. Close Cycle and kill any remaining Cycle processes using Task Manager
      2. Navigate to the directory "C:\Users\<your Windows user>\AppData\Roaming\cycle-client"
      3. Using a text editor, open the file "uisettings.JSON"
      4. Look for the "JVMArgs" entry. You should see the invalid arguments that were previously saved in Application Preferences>Server Tuning
      5. Remove the invalid arguments and save the changes made to the "uisettings.JSON" file. This should leave the entry looking as it does below:
      6. Re-start Cycle. They Java Cycle process should start as expected and you should progress beyond the "Loading" screen.

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