How to Add the BY WMS Test Library Into a New Cycle Project

How to Add the BY WMS Test Library Into a New Cycle Project


This article describes the process of adding the BY WMS Test Library to a new Cycle project.

The process described below assumes you will be adding the BY WMS Test Library to a new Cycle project directory that does not have any existing BY WMS Test Library features or customized features currently in the directory.


Create a New Cycle Project

1. Click on File->New->Project within Cycle.


2. Browse for the directory where you want Cycle to create your project in the 'Project Destination' box and enter a name for your new project in the 'Project Name' box.


3. Cycle will create a new project folder and a distributed set of sub-folders for your project files.



Download the BY WMS Test Library

If your Cycle subscription includes access to the BY WMS Test Library, please email for the download link to the latest version of the BY WMS Test Library.


Add the Test Library to Your Project

1. Open the BY WMS Test Library zip file that you downloaded from the Cycle User Portal and select the 'Extract all' option.


2. Browse to the folder you created for the new project and click 'Extract'.


3. The BY WMS Test Library files are extracted and copied to your new project folder. You can delete the CYC_Project_file that is distributed with the bundle since you will be using the CYC_Project_File created specifically for your new project.


4. You should now see the full set of test library features, utilities, datasets, and other distributed files within your new project in Cycle.


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