License Support and Troubleshooting

License Support and Troubleshooting

Gather Information

  1. What version of Cycle is the customer using?
  2. What steps did the customer perform before having the issue?
  3. What error message did the customer receive?
  4. Look up license type and history in User Portal or database.

Identify the Issue

Error Message



Most Common: "a cycle license is already issued to user ..... on machine...."

Elusive bug

Wait 8 hours or have Support relinquish on our end

Unexpected error occurred while validating license.

To get a license, you must have an internet connection that allows Cycle to communicate with license server. Proxies/firewalls can be an issue here.

Often need to get customer's IT department involved.

The current license is not valid for…(machine).

Node-locked license is "stranded" on a computer and cannot be manually relinquished by the customer.

Cycle Support must relinquish the license.


No license is available.

Either add more licenses or get someone else to relinquish theirs.


The license is expired.

Likely need to renew contract, send to sales.

Failed to decrypt the request

A request for a license was signed w/ an invalid key

Invalid API Key. Please try re-entering your credentials. If that doesn't work, email


License Actions

Once you understand the issue, you may need to perform some action to address the problem.

Resetting a floating license

Why would you need to reset a floating license?

  • In response to "Cycle license already issued to user...." error message (and it's a bug).    If the same Cycle user is logged in from two different Windows accounts on the same server, they will get this error.

Why don't we let users reset a floating license?

  • If we have a pool of 5 licenses and 20 users, resetting licenses would allow customers to use more licenses than what they are allotted. Also, we would not want one user resetting a license when it is in use by another user.

Steps to take to make sure resetting is a good idea:

  • Ask for a screenshot of the error message or some kind of definitive evidence that the problem requires us to reset the license. (Don’t do this just because they as for it.)
  • Ask clarifying questions to make sure the error message they are getting is not a valid situation like someone else using their Cycle username on another profile on the machine.
  • Confirm the version of Cycle that is being run.
  • A screenshot of the License area in the Cycle Settings may help rule out discrepancies between what we can see in the license server.


How to reset the server side of the license vs clearing out the client-side of the license:

  • POST to /v2/relinquish-admin/<license id here> in Postman while connected to the license server using license id from the screenshot or user portal. (This requires the user to be an admin and a part of the Tryon user group.)

Resetting a node-locked license

Why would you reset a node-locked license?

One common example of this is when the original machine that the node-locked license was linked to has been retired. The customer can contact Cycle’s Customer Success team to reset the license to then add it to their new machine. We cap this kind of move at 10 total machines.


Why don't we let users reset a node-locked license?

These licenses are specifically designed to be locked to one machine. If users could reset them they could moved them around to other machines.


Steps to take to make sure resetting is a good idea

  • The user has gotten rid of the machine that had the node locked licence and cannot relinquish license from there.
  • They have relinquished and reused the node-locked license more than 10 times.
  • Are we just moving it this one last time or are we resetting their counter?


How to reset the server side of the license vs clearing out the client-side of the license

  • Escalate this rare situation to Brian or Evan if we need to increase their counter.
  • If they no longer have the machine to relinquish old license, POST to /v2/relinquish-admin/<license id here> in Postman using license id from the user portal or licenses endpoint.

Deleting a user

Should you delete a user?

No, this should be done by the internal administrator user for a particular client. Client admin users can delete other standard users or other admin users within their organization. If a client’s license agreement expires, their users will remain active but their pool of available licenses is automatically removed.

Extending a trial license

This should really only be done if Sales has approved it first. If so, this can be escalated to L2 license support.


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