My web-based Cycle tests are failing.

My web-based Cycle tests are failing.


My browser-based Cycle Features are failing.


Check that the following common mistakes are not causing your failures:

1. Opening the browser first

Any browser-based Steps in Cycle should be preceded in their Scenario with:

I open "<BROWSER_NAME>" web browser

2. Updates to the browser and webdriver

New versions of browsers and webdrivers are released periodically, and updating them may resolve web testing issues.


Google Chrome

Chrome updates itself automatically without need for user interaction. This is enforced, and cannot be switched off. However in some cases a new version of Chrome will break existing web-steps due to a need for a corresponding update to your Chromedriver (see instructions below).

To check if a new version of Chrome has recently been released, you can go to Google's Chrome Release Blog.


Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer updates are done through the Windows Update service.

You can check your Internet Explorer version by going to:

  • Settings Gear > About Internet Explorer.


Updating your webdriver in Cycle

Any time you manually update your browser, or Chrome automatically updates, it may be necessary to update Cycle's driver for that browser as well.

The latest versions for Chromedriver, IEDriver and MicrosoftWebDriver executables are available from Chromium, Selenium, and Microsoft respectively:





3. Some elements in the webpage have changed and are no longer valid

It is possible that the elements your Scenarios are trying to identify in the web page have changed in some way.

If the steps that are failing have to do with seeing or not seeing a specific element on the page, you may need to update those steps to use more flexible xpaths


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