Stay consistent in naming Cycle files, images and variables.

Stay consistent in naming Cycle files, images and variables.


Teams that use differing names for core elements often encounter difficulties when reading other developer's Cycle tests.


Sticking to the following naming conventions will help add clarity and greater readability to Cycle projects:

Feature File names

  • The file name for a Feature should be the same as the Feature that the file contains. Example: Picking.feature
  • Feature Files that contain Scenarios meant to be imported into many other Features should be created in the Utilities directory within the Feature directory and the word "Utilities" should be included in the file name.
  • If a group of Features are related or dependent upon each other, the names should contain a common root within the name. For instance, a set of Features created to support an enhancement would all contain the enhancement within the name.


  • The name of a Feature should be short, but must also be descriptive enough to convey the purpose of the test Scenarios contained within. If the Feature is being used to to support a specific enhancement or issue, the enhancement name or issue number should be part of the Feature name.


  • If the image is specific to a single Scenario, the name should follow the format: Feature-Scenario-Description.png
  • If the image is for a JDA screen and can be reused, the name should follow the format: Screen-Description.png (example: Wave_Operations-Plan_Wave_Button.png)
  • If the image is for an extremely common image, the OK button for instance, the name should follow the format: Description.png (example: OK_Button.png).


  • MOCA Environment Variables created in the Environment.Feature File should be assigned with a standard prefix, example uc_cyc. Full example uc_cyc_usr_id. This helps differentiate Cycle assigned MOCA Environment variables from JDA WMS environment variables.
  • All other variables should be all lowercase and multi-word variables should be connected by underscores (example: pick_list_id)
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